Update and A Few Links

Hello everyone, it's been awhile. I haven't posted much lately, and frankly, I don't really have much in the pipeline right now. I've been busy writing and submitting some pieces to outside outlets, so, fingers crossed I'll have some news to share soon. Worst-case scenario, I'll have a couple new pieces to post here that no one else wants. Try to contain your excitement.

However, to try to fill the gap a little, and because I don't really know what you all do to fill your time when I'm not around, here are a couple articles written by others that I think are worth reading.

1.  “What a horrible mother:” How a call from a “good samaritan” derailed these mothers’ lives

I always find it interesting to read perspectives I hadn't really thought about before. This is definitely one of those.

2.  I Want to Have a Baby -- Cue the Friend Fallout

Good writer; like her stuff. Another interesting perspective and another one I hadn't thought much about. I guess not having friends has its advantages.

3.  Why it's not easy to be a dad in a mom's world

Can you say right in my lane? Kind of wish I'd written it, well, I kind of already did, but still. Good piece. I do think we have to be careful, as men, about playing the woe is me card; I mean, how many advantages do males really need? However, I think this writer does a nice job of walking the tightrope.

Have a good week!

P.S. This week's nugget of wisdom courtesy of Jacob: "You can ride horses, cows, and zebras...but not tigers or lions." Keep that in mind, people.