Best of 2015: An Explorations of Ambiguity Year in Review

2015 was quite a year for the Explorations of Ambiguity team. And, of course, by Explorations of Ambiguity Team I mean me. At the end of the day, it really is all about me.

I tried to fix a lawnmower. I went to Target. I cut my own hair several times. I read some stuff. I watched some Disney Junior (okay, a little more than some). I waxed nostalgic occasionally (okay, maybe a little more than occasionally). I got depressed once or twice (okay, probably a bit more than once or twice). Both my kids had birthdays. I created the smash hit blog series: Link-apalooza. Somebody liked one of my tweets. I learned to love myself just a little bit more.

But, you might be wondering, what does a raging narcissist do at the end of the year? The answer: create a greatest hits list of his top blog posts and then sit at home by himself on New Year’s Eve, of course. 

So, without further ado, I present the Top 10 most read Explorations of Ambiguity posts of 2015. Hold on to your hats, folks, because here we go!

10. Link-apalooza #2  

Like I said: smash hit! I just skimmed through this one, and let me tell you, it’s a real grab bag. Not sure why you guys read it, but hey, knock yourselves out.

9. Hitting the Snooze Button on #BigBen

Sleep and babies. Babies and sleep. Need I say more? Okay, I will. Nineteen easy steps and your baby can go to sleep like Sleeping Beauty (or whatever). Come and get it!

8. Shock and Awww! 

Baby race? Did someone say baby race? Oh yes, I said it. Epic doesn’t begin to describe it.

7. To My First Born on His Fourth Birthday

Finally. It’s time to get nostalgic up in here. I don’t want to get all emotional, so just read it and let’s move on.

6. 4 Reasons Stay-at-Home Dads are At a Disadvantage

Honestly, I feel like this one is kind of meh, but had to be done. Hope I’m not overselling it.

5. Target:The Experience

But you know what’s not meh? Target! Target never disappoints.

4. Link-apalooza #9: Aww, Darn It! 

Another Link-apalooza edition in which I get caught in a 3-year-old’s labyrinth of terrible humor. Plus, a picture of me in a winter hat!

3. 5 Boring Things Parents Love

There are so many more than five, but just to start things out. Come to think of it, I’m reasonably certain all the things I love are pretty boring.

2. Dispelling the Mystery: A Running Diary

I do love me a running diary. Thanks to Bill Simmons for the idea. I feel like this is a very worthy number two, and I mean, I should know, right?

1. 6 Pointless Things I Say to My 3-Year-Old

With a title like this, it had to be number one. Hopefully it holds up nine months later.

And there you have it. Happy New Year and thanks for reading!