Sometimes Long-Distance Relationships Work: An IRL Anniversary

Photo Credit:  Michelle C Photo  

Photo Credit: Michelle C Photo 

My wife and I met for the first time in person on this day nine years ago. However, we met online several months before that on Facebook (thanks Mark Zuckerber).

I didn't know when we first connected online that she actually lived across the country in California. Her profile still had Florida on it. So, once that fact was established, the overall vibe of our ongoing conversation was confusing at times. Was there really any hope of starting a relationship with a stranger who lived 2500 miles away?

Also, one time I told her that when I went out to the night clubs, people often confused me for Chris Brown. Mind you, this was when Chris Brown was best known for his dancing and not for being a horrible person. But it is important to remember I delivered this piece of news via a messaging app to a person who I had never talked to in person. I don't believe I included any indicators of my tone. She probably had no way of knowing if I was joking or not. (Was I?)

Anyway, fast forward more than nine years. In that time we've had a wedding, lived in England for a year, lived in five houses/apartments in central Florida, got a second dog, one of us got promoted at work at least twice, one of us created a website and Facebook page that brings joy to tens of people, and, oh yeah, we had three kids! It's been quite a wonderful ride and I'm forever grateful that we got matched up on Facebook somehow.

Oh, and the main point of this post? This was a long way of saying that you shouldn't feel too bad for my wife when you see texts like this that I sent to her awhile back.

After all, she knew what she was getting into.

See you at the clubs, people!

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