This is Two

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This is Two

Two is sticky. Sticky hands. Sticky faces. Sticky hair. Sticky tables. Sticky everything.

Two is the sweetest cuddles and the most intense tantrums…often minutes apart.

Two is heartbreak. Laughter and tears. Smiles and pouts.

Two is music. Nursery rhymes and made-up songs. Singing all day and sometimes all night.

Two is fighting to not get in the bath and then fighting to not get out.

Two is frustration at wanting to do everything yourself and not always being able to.

Two is taking at least ten minutes to get situated in the car. Every. Single. Time.

Two is constant chatter. From the time your eyes open in the morning until they close at night.

Two is having a lot to say, but not always being understood.

Two is sitting on the floor, playing with toys for hours. Lost in your own imagination. In a world all your own making.

Two is night-night kisses that melt even the most jaded hearts.

Two is frustration. Two is joy. Two is love.

This is two. I hope I never forget you.

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