My 4-Year-Old Asked My Mom About the Can of Coke in Her Refrigerator and Basically Cut Her Off at the Knees

My 4-year-old, Jacob, saw my niece, Charlotte, get a can of Coke out of my mom's refrigerator and he had a few pointed questions...

Jacob: What did Charlotte get out of your refrigerator?

My mom: It's called Coke. It's a kind of drink.

Jacob: Can I have some?

Mom: No, it's not very good for you.

Jacob.: Why is Charlotte having it?

Mom: Well, I guess a little is OK for older kids and adults.

Jacob.: Why is it bad for you?

Mom: It has a lot of sugar.

Jacob: I like sugar.

Mom: Yes, but too much isn't good for you.

Jacob: If those drinks are so bad, why do we have them on earth?

Mom: That's a good question. I don't know really.

Jacob: Well, why do you have them in your refrigerator?

Mom: ...