What We Send Our Preschooler to School With on Theme Days Versus What the Good Parents Send

Photo Credit: Sebastian Pichler (www.unsplash.com)

Photo Credit: Sebastian Pichler (www.unsplash.com)

Bubble Day

Us: One small bottle of bubbles

Good Parents: 10 bubble wands and an oversized jug of bubble liquid refill

Movie Snack Day

Us: Ziploc sandwich bag containing goldfish crackers

Good Parents: Individual snack packs for the whole class and/or two boxes of donuts

Valentine’s Day

Us: Box of cards (with stickers included!) purchased at 10:30 p.m. the night before at Wal-Mart

Good Parents: Home-made, personalized heart-shaped cards that say “O-Fish-Ally Yours” with individual packs of goldfish crackers attached

Puppet Day

Us: Finger puppets borrowed from a friend the day before

Good Parents: Full-scale replica of the Sound of Music goatherd puppet stage complete with the full cast of marionettes

*I may have exaggerated a little on one of these (only one), because our kid got sick and had to miss one of the days, but I'm pretty sure that's how it would've gone. The overall point stands: we seem to be doing this wrong.


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