New experiences at the Q…

As I mentioned before, the back to school crush has certainly taken its toll on my lunch time routine.  While I used to complete my entire dining experience in 15 minutes or so…it now takes me a good 15 minutes just to get my food and get situated.  But, on the bright side…the new term has brought some new blood at the Q and some new opportunities to people watch.

Now, as you know, I usually regard the newbie workers at the Q with healthy disdain.  They are unfamiliar and thus take me out of my comfort zone.  However, I had a most unusual experience yesterday.  The worker at the head of the line was a newb.  The head of the line position is critical, because it serves as the gatekeeper tasked with keeping things moving smoothly.   It’s also difficult…requiring a deft ear, a sharp memory, and the ability to multi-task.  The last newbie that was thrown into the fire at this position was a disaster…she tried hard, but she just didn’t have it (she got relegated to the minor leagues...salsa).  And that was during term break…when things were slow.  So needless to say, I wasn’t very hopeful when I saw another new face in the gatekeeper position today…when the line was something like 15 people deep. 

Much to my surprise…this girl was a natural.  I was captivated.  You know the feeling when you first see someone do something so well, it seems they were born to do it?  Like when you first watch Roger Federer play tennis, Michael Jordan play basketball, or Lady Gaga...perform.  That’s what I experienced today.  This new girl was a natural…she was born to be the Qdoba gatekeeper!  She nailed every order without a stumble and juggled burritos and bowls like…well, a famous juggler (sorry, couldn’t come up with anything).  It was poetry in motion.  I do so enjoy seeing excellence in matter where I find it.

p.s.  The Qdoba gods got back at me today for venturing off campus for food.  When I came back…it was one of the first times I’ve ever had trouble finding a parking spot at UCF…in like 10 years.  Despite all the horror stories you hear…I’ve always managed, through a combination of luck and skill (mostly skill…probably), to secure easy parking.  Today was a different story…I guess that 56K population is taking its toll.