A New Member of the Family?

Last night it seemed for a few moments that we might be adding a new little addition to our family…

It began as a normal evening. I had just finished re-reading some of my blog posts…cracking myself up all over again…and was about to change into my robe and slippers and curl up with a small Chihuahua and a good book. Before doing that, I was just cleaning up a few final odds and ends and headed out to the garage to toss a couple of empty fig containers into the recycling bin. When I opened the door to the dark garage…I noticed there was a dog’s head in the door way. My first thought was…ahhhhh...so I slammed the door. Then I thought…that’s odd…there’s not usually a dog’s head there. So, I opened the door back up and sure enough…there was a mid-sized husky-type dog staring back at me.

To make a kind of medium-length story short, neither Michelle nor I had ever seen this animal before so we were at a bit of a loss. She seemed quite exhausted, the dog that is…so we gave her some food and water, which she seemed to enjoy. We contemplated consulting the jolly fellow down the street that walks a poodle and seems to know every dog in the neighborhood…as Michelle had the pleasure of learning first hand in a conversation a few months back (needless to say, I would never have fallen prey to his agreeability). However, because it was kind of late…we just held our ground. Finally, we heard shouts from just outside our hood. Michelle tracked down the dog’s caretaker who was searching frantically for ‘Marshmallow’. In the meantime, I had taken Marsh inside our house to get some more food and water. This turned out to be kind of exciting, mainly because Zoe tried to eat her face.

In the end, the story had a happy ending as Marshmallow was re-united with her family…which included a dog named ‘Cocoa’ (Marshmallow and Cocoa…awesome).  As an aside, my first choice for Zoe’s name was Salt…I was even willing to change Pepper’s name to Pepa to make it even more awesome.  But alas, I got overruled…but somehow I also picked ‘Zoe’…so I’m not quite sure how that all played out. 

Anyway, that was our adventure last night…I kind of miss Marshmallow.

Pepper and Zoe...or Salt-n-Pepa...sigh, what could have been