Taking over England (or wherever): Giant Photo Blog 5 – The Cambridge Tour Edition

So, because I can't sleep and I know this is the photo blog you've all been waiting for...I present to you the Cambridge Tour Edition.  (We took a brief, 2-hour, walking tour of the city centre and some of the colleges as part of our Freshers' week festivities today). 

But first, a few notes.

-  I stumbled upon the Cambridge equivalent of the Q yesterday!!  Needless to say I jumped all over that.  Happy to report that it was pretty decent.  Main difference was that they only had pinto beans and the veggie burrito came with yellow bell peppers.  And the rice had corn in it...which isn't surprising since they love corn over here.  I mean, they really love corn.

-  My shoulder is a bit sore today.  Not sure why.

-  You'll be happy to know that a good portion of Cambridge students enjoy getting crunk...just like their American counterparts.  Otherwise though, they seem to be generally more interesting.

Ok, on to the pictures...

The Eagle Pub - Old and Famous - Where Watson and Crick announced their DNA discovery...seriously.

Michelle mugging in front of a really old church.

How Old?  This old!

Cavendish Labs...where this and pretty much every other important scientific discovery happened.

Corpus Christi College (front)

St. Katherine's College (front)

Weird Clock...Stephen Hawking had something to do with this

St. Mary's Church (maybe?)...plus Michelle's head

The Old Schools

The Senate House...where people graduate

Oldest book shop in the world

Hot guy plus the inside of King's College Chapel

The Ceiling

More Chapel Action


Stained Glass


They enjoy their grass here...in more ways than one probably.


Foliage in St. John's College

Hot girl in St. John's