Taking over England (or wherever): Part II and Photo Blog 3 – Out and About and the King’s College Edition

So we’ve had a chance to get out and check out some of the sights of Cambridge the past few days.  Since we arrived on Wednesday, we’ve had alternating weather days…rainy on Wednesday, sunny on Thursday, rainy on Friday, and sunny (for the most part) on Saturday.  Temperature has stayed in the high 50’s to low 60’s during the day…very pleasant when the sun is out.

We also finally managed to get some grocery shopping done today at Sainsbury’s.  That was a bit of a chore because it’s about a 15-20 minute walk from our apartment and we had to carry our grocery bags with us on the way back.  We managed though…and got a good lat workout in the process. 

By far my favorite part of walking around so far is that to get to the city centre from our apartment, you can cut through the grounds of King’s College.  King’s is one of the really old (est. 1441) and really famous colleges with very elaborate architecture.  It’s also a big tourist attraction and visitors have to buy tickets to get in.  However, because we have University cards we can go in whenever we want.  I’m always tempted to keep walking in and out of the gates, flashing my card with a bit of flair each time, and soaking up the looks of admiration and envy from the crowds of tourists queuing for tickets.  This just might be a new addition to “Cool Like Me.”

We were eating in the college dining hall a couple nights ago a guy and girl sat down next to us.  Turns out they were Americans.  Also turns out, based on my eavesdropping, that they were the least interesting people we’ve run into over here by far.  Either it was just a coincidence…or I’m getting jaded towards Americans already.

The British accents are simply fantastic…I’m not sure it will ever get old for me.  The really funny thing is that I’m a bit intimidated by the little kids because their accents make them seem way more intelligent than I am.  Plus, Michelle noted that kids with British accents sound way more proper, even when pitching fits, than do kids without the accent.  Weird.

With that…here are some photos for your viewing pleasure…

Imitating Annie Lennox (yes, even on another continent...I've still got it)

Punting on the River Cam

More Punting (they love this here)

Michelle looking good in front of King's College

Inside the courtyard at King's (the people outside wish they could get in here free)

Another shot of the cathedral at King's

The King's lawn...awesome grass

The courtyard (a different view)

Cows at pasture in King's College...King's...the original cow college??

Street in the city centre

Classic red British telephone booths

City street

The Round Church (or something)

The Main University Library...it's really big...only about 1/3 of it is shown here