Taking over England (or wherever): Photo Blog 6 – The Chartwell Edition

On Sunday, we finally managed to venture outside our township and check out one of the British sights, with the help of my college.  In fact, our greeter at Chartwell (Sir Winston Churchill's home) informed us that Chartwell was the best historical sight operated by the National Trusts.  So, there you go.

Anyway, the journey down in the coach (bus) took about an hour and forty-five minutes...as I ever so accurately predicted (save for the minor traffic jam).  The route we took was not particularly stellar as far as scenery goes. 

As for Chartwell itself, it was overall pretty nice.  Food offerings were standard, run of the mill British mediocre. As far as these historical sights go...I thought it was pretty well done.  The grounds were very pretty and peaceful (it helped that the weather was ideal).  The house was nothing spectacular...I'm never all that impressed with these types of things frankly.  You know, the standard, 'wow...this is where Lady Churchill slept...fantastic.'  Doesn't really do it for me...even less so when we're talking like 40-50 years ago.  However, there were some good displays (Noble Prize medal, etc.) and some brief information about Churchill that was educational, but not way more than I wanted to know. 

Overall, it was a fun trip.  I would recommend it if you can get there and get in free (like we did), you are especially bored, or you're a big fan of 1950's interior design.  Here are some photos (no photography was allowed inside the house...so only grounds shots...sorry)...

The house

Me beside a very round bush with the sun at my back

Me in the same spot in a more compelling pose (and the sun blocked)

The house

A garden shot

A rose that Aunt Bee would be proud of...keep Opie and his football away!

The croquet lawn...the dudes from the Society Fair weren't there...sadly.

A garden path

Just picture Sir Winston traipsing between the flower beds

I do always enjoy a good sunflower