Taking over England (or wherever): The Weekend and London Edition

So we made our first official venture down to the big L today. I have a few notes and a plethora of pictures. The title of the post is a bit misleading…as my first note will be about Saturday in Cambridge…

- We biked over to the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge on Saturday to check out one of Cambridge’s most hyped attractions. Turns out…it’s actually quite good.

The building itself is very elaborate and impressive on the inside (sorry, no pictures were allowed). The collection is also very large and diverse, with stuff ranging from knight armor (yeah!) to Egyptian artifacts to Monet paintings. However, possibly the best part about the place is the kids’ scavenger hunt that they apparently give out at the desk.

We ended up stalking an American family with three little boys (Michelle’s worst nightmare) and listening in on the clues for each room. We (or I) nailed the first 2 (Elizabeth I and Alexander the Great)…but we had to kind of give it up after that because we didn’t want to seem overly creepy. In fact, we saw the same family walking around the town centre a few hours later…the mom hustled the kids down a side alley when she saw us coming.

- After the overnight time change (if you’re on the east coast…we’re only 4 hours ahead of you this week), we got up early this morning and biked over to the train station. Had to ride a double decker bus from Cambridge to Royston and hopped a train from Royston to London, since the trains don’t run out of Cambridge on Sunday (apparently). Michelle found out that Jesus (aka Tim Tebow) was in London today…so we attempted to chase him down at Wembley. Alas, we didn’t make it there and turned back defeated…but we did get to walk through all the most attractive parts of London (probably not).

Instead of praying to our father, we hit up one of my favorite little London restaurants for lunch and hopped over to the sightseeing district in the afternoon. We saw Ben Wallace’s namesake, the Parliament houses, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, and Buckingham Palace (see below). Pretty much all the key London sites (I think) except for the London Bridge. I do really want to see that one though…even though I think I heard a rumor somewhere that it might have fallen down…or something.

- Heard on the train to London: “any food item with crumble in the name is great…I wonder if God created crumbles?”

- Heard in a Cambridge Thai restaurant tonight (from a loud American): in response to his associate’s complaint about a person dressed in a blue leisure suit knocking on his hotel room door at 3 am and asking if he wanted something that he couldn’t understand…the guy decided he was a pimp, “that’s why I don’t stay at the Crowne Plaza anymore…that stuff is always happening.”

(There you have it…as Michelle concluded…don’t stay at the CP if you don’t want pimps coming to your door…because apparently that stuff happens all the time there).


Me in front of the Palace

Equal opportunity

Me sporting the Konvict

This is how it's done Phat

Armed and Dangerous

Some building, the Ferris wheel thing...and Michelle with a pink scarf

This is how it's done Phat

I love Big Ben

So chill...in front of the Parliament Houses

Equal Opportunity

Michelle is attractive enough for close-ups...I'm obviously not

Westminster foliage

The Abbey