Valentine’s Day Edition: Spreading the Love

First off, big shout out and happy V-Day to all my blogosphere gangsta’s…you guys are so dope!  And on this special day I have to give thanks to my beautiful wife, my parents, siblings, and my awesome friends…without you this wouldn’t be possible…and the world would be missing out on one amazing blog.

Now let’s get down to business…

-  Ok, I know the burning question on everyone’s mind is, “What does a blogger extraordinaire do on Valentine’s Day?”  Here’s the blueprint.  Well, first I had two lectures.  First one was noteworthy because we had a guest lecturer who was a global management partner with Ernst & Young.  He was an interesting guy and a good presenter.  He was very upbeat about the trend in big business towards a greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility (or CSR for you business geeks).  Not sure I necessarily buy it, but he was pretty convincing and a good salesman if nothing else.  Moving on, after lectures I cycled over to the market and picked out a bunch of long-stemmed red roses for my beautiful bride.  And yes, they did live up to Poison’s aphoristic song title.  Managed to get them and my body home safely after a one-handed cycle ride.  I was a bit disappointed that I only got one audible, “That’s cute,” comment from some passerby on my way.  The main event was dinner out at La Margherita.  Got off to a bang when we were being shown to our table and the host yelled back to another employee, “Get some glasses…some clean ones.”  Classy.  However, it wasn’t as bad as all that…actually it was quite good. We even got to sit near an 18-year-old couple…the male member was wearing some pretty awesome baggy, skinny jeans (a very popular British take on an American classic).  I reiterate that this wasn’t a dive...seriously.  Anyway, after dinner we headed home and played some one-on-one Trivial Pursuit (no Phat, that’s not code)…because what else would we do on Valentine’s Day?  The best part about this version that Michelle just picked up at the thrift store today is that it’s obviously British…and made in the 1980’s…so the sports questions (my usual money category) are practically impossible for non-Brits as are most of the entertainment ones, the answers to the geography questions are often countries that no longer exist, and the history category likes to focus on obscure British politicians.  We muddled through. 

All and all it was an A+ day…seriously!

-  End of last week I ventured into Luis’s Barbershop for a trim.  Literally one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  First off, Luis and his staff are outright magicians with the scissors.  Ridiculous skill.  Second, I had the man himself (Luis) and he keeps the mood in the shop nice and jovial.  The highlight of this visit was Luis having a go at the kid in the other chair who was saying he was going to Amsterdam over the weekend. Luis asked why he was going and the kid said he was just taking a trip.  Luis quipped, “I bet you’re taking a trip alright…get it…a trip!”  This was followed by a few conspiratorial winks and nudges directed at me…me and Luis are freaking partners in comedic crime.  Just to make sure things were clear though, Luis followed up with, “Get it…a trip…like what happens when you take drugs.”  Call me comedically challenged, but I thought the added clarification was a bit too blunt.  The kid still didn’t seem to get it though, so I guess we were still good…I got a few more winks and nudges…we were fast approaching high five territory.  Finally, Luis brought it full circle with, “You know…a trip…when you’re feeling so good that your girl could cut off your willie and you wouldn’t care!”  What can I say…Luis = comic genius.

-  Noticed on my ride into class the other day that they’re opening a new coffee shop down the street from my department building.  What a relief…if there’s one thing Cambridge needs more of it’s coffee shops. (I realize if you’re not familiar with Cambridge, this makes no sense…but trust me, this is perhaps as witty as anything Luis could come up with.)

- And finally a rant on this happy day.  First off, I was pretty devastated to have to miss the Grammy’s last night due to the late airtime.  Definitely one of my worst nights in England.  I live for the Grammy’s.  Anyway, I woke to find out that Eminem was snubbed yet again by the academy.  What does a brother have to do to win some serious hardware?  I mean, first Steely Dan ten years ago and now Arcade Inferno (or whatever) and Lady Antebellum this year?  I had literally never heard of Steely Dan or Arcade whatever before their award wins and Antebellum is only known for their late-night hookup song.  When lyrical genius like Eminem’s isn’t rewarded…I don’t know what this world’s coming to.  Oh well, at least Eminem can take solace that he’s the only one of the group quoted on the best blog in the universe…that’s something, I guess.  (Just in case Luis is reading…I’m referring to my own blog here.)