Getting Started...

So...I created a blog. Not sure how I should feel about this at the moment, but there you go. My reasons for this new endeavor...mainly boredom and the fact that I like to write, love to hear myself talk (in print), and feel I can provide hilarious and insightful takes on pretty much anything. (Note: For those that don't know me well, one of my favorite devices is sarcasm...particularly sarcasm that makes me seem completely egotistical and self-important. I guess it's up to you to judge whether I am either of those, but just a fair warning).

More practically, I feel like I can use this medium to share information about important topics I'm interested in such as international development and to keep my family and friends (the very few that might be interested) up to date on my (and my beautiful wife Michelle's) upcoming travels and studies in the UK.

However, I must confess, despite such lofty aspirations, I am easily distracted by three things: 1. Professional and U.S. College Sports, 2. Celebrities, and 3. U.S. Politics. Alas, for better or worse they are my weaknesses. So, suffice it to say you can expect the occasional (or not so occasional) random posting on these topics - though I kind of promise to keep the politics to a minimum as not to offend too many people. :) However, you can fully expect me to weigh in on any Lebron related news (because he is currently the undisputed center of the universe)...and so help us all if Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes, Leo, Roger Federer, and JT team up for some sort of collaboration in the near future.

Anyway, I think that's enough for a start. I'll hopefully be back when I have something to write about.