How to identify food rut...

Today I reached a new level of what I like to call "food rut." Went to my traditional lunch spot (Qdoba in the Student Union) today between 11:30 and is customary.

It didn't bother me too much when the guy that hadn 't worked the counter in the last couple weeks said "veggie, black" (i.e., veggie burrito with black beans) when I walked up. I'm used to that...if there is no one waiting, I can literally skip the serving line and head straight to the register confident that my order will be prepared to my specifications. Even the checkout girl has relented in her seemingly never-ending quest to persuade me "to have a drink with that." We actually don't converse anymore...simply exchange cards and receipts. (Though I did shock her, and myself, by ordering a drink one time a couple weeks back...we were both clearly frazzled).

What did surprise me today was that one of the girls on the line gave me a sample of the BBQ sauce to try with my veggie burrito. So, now it's like the workers are practically imploring me to mix it my food rut is actually causing them psychological pain. Maybe this move thing is actually much needed...though I can't help but wonder if the Qdoba staff will miss me when I'm gone.

I wonder if they have Qdoba in Cambridge???