Don't wanna be an American Idiot, na na na na na na na!


So yeah...tonight was a pretty good night.  American Idiot on Broadway...with Billie Joe Armstrong as St. beautiful wife by my doesn't get much better!  And then...Billie Joe goes and takes his shirt off in his final, masterful good is that?  (Does that seem weird at all...I don't think so.)

Anyway, where was I?  Yeah, American Idiot is a must see show.  If you get the chance, take it!  Great energy, great music, great visuals, and a spot-on commentary of my generation's contradictions and ills.  While I certainly haven't experienced much, if any, of the turmoil firsthand (despite observing and studying from the outside with fascination and an almost perverse sense of guilt the devastating toll our society's obsession with guns, violence, war, hedonism, self-righteousness, and consumerism has had) the themes define who we are as a society and a generation.  Seeing Green Day's American Idiot album acted out on stage...where it was always destined to end up...reminded me of just how amazing and transformative the album is and was.