Happy New Year!!

A very Happy New Year to my legions of faithful followers out there in cyberspace!  You guys make this whole blog possible...(not really, as I could just as well write it for myself, but it's nice to know that I do have readers all over the world). 

You'll be happy to know that we completed our move yesterday and the new renter has now taken over our house.  Hence, we are homeless in the U.S. for the next week before shipping back out...not that being homeless in the U.S. is all that unique considering the lack of redistributive mechanisms (yeah, I went there).

Anyway, I thought...since I have a bit of time to kill...I would pass along a few suggestions for New Year's resolutions...just in case you were having trouble coming up with one.  These are a few that I'm toying with...

1.  Get a car with a sunroof so that when songs like Dynamite (Tayo Cruz) , 21 Guns (Green Day...duh), Just a Dream (Nelly), or any others that implore you to put your hands in the air come on the radio...you can actually do your thing without hitting the roof of the car.

2.  Try to increase your usage of pop music references in everyday conversation by at least 30 percent. No explanation necessary.

3.  Watch more Andy Griffith (this one will be easy for me in particular...considering the brilliant complete series DVD box set I got from Michelle for Christmas).

4.  Stick it to the man.

5.  Complain more about airport security and whine about how they are invading my privacy...like I care. (Seriously though, am I the only one that's kind of pumped about the body scanners?  I mean, I don't work out and maintain such a finely-tuned physique for nothing.)

6.  Buy a RAZR phone if you don't already have one...you don't want to miss out on the hottest new technology.

7.  Use the hippest new phrases that all the kids are using...like "fo shizzle," "oh no you didn't," and "what's crack-a-lackin'."  This is one guaranteed way to make you seem younger and more awesome.

8.  Get more bling...you can never have too much bling.

9.  Quit being so darn modest!  If you have some amazing accomplishments or attributes let everyone know...for example, I recently promoted myself to CEO, CFO, COO, and Master of the Universe of my consulting firm ABK Consultants...you will hear me bragging about this at every possible opportunity.

10. Create the #1 blog in the history of the world.  (I'll let you in on a secret...this was mine for 2010.  Mission accomplished...so you all have some serious catching up to do.)